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According to Gateway Compendium 

Operating any type of drone is prohibited within the boundaries of Gateway National Recreation Area.

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Letter from the President

PARCS Membership Bulletin 8/21/23

Members –

I hope you're all well. There's a lot going on in the PARCS world so I wanted to send out a bulletin to all members you keep you updated on the latest club happenings.

Fall Field Cleanup \ Club Meeting at the field – The next field cleanup and general membership club meeting at the field will be on Saturday, 9/9 (rain-day will be Sunday, 9/10). Field cleanup will start at 8am – please being tools (shrub clippers, weed-whackers, gloves). Club meeting will start at 12:30 and lunch (hero sandwiches and salads) will start right after the meeting. If you haven't been one of the 20 or so regulars who normally staff these cleanups, please join us and help us keep the field in good shape.

NY State To House Immigrants at Gateway National Park - The US Parks Service has agreed to let NY State house immigrants at Floyd Bennet Field. A US Parks Ranger was at the field today and spoke with some of our board members. For now there is no change to our club's flying status. We will wait to hear from the Parks Dept for any change.

One thing – With this increase in scrutiny of our situation at Floyd Bennet we need to keep our flying radius to 1,500 ft from the centerline of our runway (this is the flying radius we also put on our FRIA application). Some planes have been seen flying very deep (especially to the south) lately, so we all need to police ourselves and each other to keep our flying with the prescribed club limit.

FRIA Application – FRIA is an FAA-Recognized Identification Area. A FRIA is a defined geographic area where drones can be flown without Remote ID equipment. Both the drone and the pilot must be located within the FRIA's boundaries throughout the operation. In addition, the pilot of the drone must be able to see it at all times throughout the duration of the flight. The Executive Board has submitted our FRIA application (months ago) and is waiting for an update from the AMA or the FAA.

NYPD Drone proposal – NYPD has a proposal to greatly regulate and restrict any drone activity inside the five boroughs. A few of us wrote in before their hearing (a month ago) discussing our PARCS club and why we believe we should be exempt for these new regulations. We do believe the new NYPD regulations are not geared toward permitted flying clubs like ours, so we are not overly concerned that this will affect PARCS. We will update you all if we hear any news.

Flight Safety - Please remember these club flight safety rules – always fly to the east of the flight line (except over the very south end of the field), always have a spotter, always fly in the pattern when other planes are in the air (do not fly against traffic), always communicate with other pilots \ spotters who are flying at the same time (announce take-offs, landings, low passes, etc.).

Storing Planes in the containers – As a reminder, the two containers at the field are there to store tools and supplies. Airplanes and plane parts (tools, personal gas cans, batteries, etc.) are not to be stored in either container. This is not only because both containers are pretty full, but also so as to not block access to needed tools or materials inside those containers (not to mention the critters that can be inside that can damage \ eat things, including mice, snakes, bees, ants, etc.).

Membership – we now have 85 paid members. At this point anyone who has not paid annual dues will not be allowed to fly at FB (until their dues are fully paid). All members are subject to spot-checks for both their PARCS membership card and their AMA card. You need to have both cards with you to be able to fly at the field.

Dumping at the field – there was someone dumping a large volume of garbage in the woods just south of the south container. To prevent further dumping we installed a camera nearby to capture any activity in that area, and there has been no garbage dumped there since. If anyone does see garbage dumped their plan inform my or any board member.

Impound Repair - as most of you know, a few months ago we spend a lot of effort to rebuild parts of the northern half of the impound, including the copula and the perimeter of the roof. We still need to rebuild\repair the perimeter of the south section, but may put that off till next spring.

Water – after much asking and nudging, we finally go the Parks people to turn the water back on at our field sink.

Repair of plane benches – Some of the plane benches have been getting ratty, so a few of us have started rebuilding them. Work will continue to all benches are in good shape.

See you at the field soon.

Mike Donohue

PARCS President

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

md 8/21/23

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